Natural Channel Coverage

CybaStevens has been in business in the natural channel for over 25 years, with a team of specialized natural channel experts that will take your current brand to the next level. Pioneering the industry by establishing the first National Canadian brokerage and successfully penetrating Food Drug masses with natural channel products and Key partners in developing first pilots of the “Store Within A Store” concepts in your largest local supermarkets. Cyba Steven’s Team of experts over 400 strong with on the ground presence in FDM – Food-drug masses, Natural channels and convince channel servicing all your brand’s needs.


CybaStevens team of in-house experts work with the most up to date technology and are expanding their current aptitude to serve the needs of our clients and customers. EDI – (Electronic Data Interchange) capability is our data transferring solution vehicle that every major retail chain in North America mandates for ordering, invoicing, and product information management. Our team will provide support and solve issues with Pricing, Codes, UPCS, quantities and dates are automatically flagged and fixed to ensure flawless delivery of orders and invoices and provide minimal downtime for fastest business growth.

Special Projects

CybaStevens Diverse and multi-talented staff specialize in handling all special projects that arise whether its establishing account receivables, collection systems or hosting training sessions for retail staff and ambassadors. Projects include setting up the store within store concepts, planogram reviews, competitive reviews, and large showcase displays at store level. Our team of experts in-house and on the ground will take on the project from development to execution in a way that both the retailer and client receive a solution based initiative that will lead to the success of the brand.

Retail Sales Force

CybaStevens highly trained sales force is an extension of your brand on the ground. A highly motivated and experienced sales force that specializes in bringing new products to market and acts as a brand ambassador on the ground, providing information at the store level for retail sales staff. Maximizing distribution and utilizing local relationships to secure optimal exposure and facings in planogram positioning. Our team share the same passions for your brand as you do and effectively communicate your message to the retailers and consumers.


CybaStevens team of merchandising specialist primary goal its to execute plans and increase the number of turns at store level. Merchandisers can ensure product placement, facing and in stock positions are up to standard. IRC’s instant redeemable coupons Shelf talkers and recipe booklets are strategically placed at retail to support in movement and increase turns. Merchandisers work hand in hand with our Salesforce to ensure all objectives and customer-facing presentations execute correctly.


CybaStevens team of energetic individuals are in place to support tradeshows, training session, seminars, webinars and new product launch demos to build customer interaction. CybaStevens partner with Socializer Digital Marketing for all Online Marketing and Digital Management. Socializer provides Web Design, SEO Optimization, Social Media Management including Facebook and Instagram, Reputation Management & Security Optimization. Offering these services sets us apart from other brokerages displaying why we pioneer the industry and provide our clients with a full-service platform meeting our client’s needs.

Customer Service

CybaStevens client-focused customer service team are equipped to handle all requirements and meet the needs of our clients, customers and employees. Responsible for entering and processing all orders addressing customer specific requirements by fax, phone, email or EDI. CSR’s monitor orders from placement to shipment to completed invoicing. 100% accuracy is always our priority, and we will immediately advise clients and customers of any discrepancies initiating solution based corrective action. Our Customer Service Department is an extension of your team and designed to be a resource utilized by our clients, customers, retailers, and employees.

Category Data Management

CybaStevens utilizes AC Nielsen Data to provide Fact-based information and provide clear analysis using charts, graphs, and exhibits. We suscribe to Retailer Data Suites and utilise this for Specific Retail Category Reviews. With our team on the ground providing a live feedback loop for market opportunities and the accurate data to support the decisions for the brand identifying national, regional and account specific data to target over and utilize underdeveloped markets. Using the data available, CSMG can focus the right entrance to a market for successful growth.

Client/Customer Management

CybaStevens Client managers are the main point of contact for all our partners (manufacturers). They provide a full-service review and identify clients goals, manufacturing capabilities and track growth reporting on clients quotas. Setting regular meetings to provide Nielsen real-time analysis of the market and clear communication for brand growth. Our expert customer managers are the primary contact with the retailers. Responsible for providing real-time feedback on store conditions, identifying opportunities, utilizing retailer relationships offering solution-based opportunities for best representation of the retailer’s showcase and brand at store level. The synergistic partnership between our Client and Customer managers ensures clear communication and feedback to execute the brand’s strategies and provide the brand, message and products delivering the best results.


CybaStevens Auditing team is deployed to report on store specific information including competitive activity, pricing, out of stock situations and shelf tag management delivering a comprehensive view of the market and competition. The audit team can ensure recalls, and planogram updates are executed at the store level and provide valuable information on an ongoing basis or assist in special projects.

Ad reporting

CybaStevens access to National Ad reporting tools allows our clients and customers a comprehensive recap of the significant flyer activity across Canada. Reporting on product frequency, in-depth analysis of brands showcased, size, locations, demographics identified, and seasonal opportunities and utilizing the YOY information identifying competitor trends and retailer interests during critical periods of the year securing

Warehouse Services

CybaStevens Management group provides full-service warehousing solutions tailored to meet the complexities of import and distribution. Our strong representation and distribution in Canada, we can support all service needs. Our knowledge of the legislation and requirements on packaging, UPC requirements, label verbiage, customers TIHI requirements and appointment management allows us seamless delivery of a product from the warehouse to the customer. Our warehouse capabilities enable us to pick/pack and cross-dock inbound orders with the correct labelling and packaging within our customer parameters for quick and seamless fulfilment. Our internal warehouse team is equipped to offload, reload, provide local delivery as well as local interline options that implemented to your needs. CybaStevens warehouse capabilities offer our customer the logistics required to deliver a product with the shortest lead times and timelines upon order placement.

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